Be grateful and keep a gratitude journal

As part of my new project ‘A small change can make a big difference’ I have collected 10 things that I would introduce into my life within the ext 6 months. The first new thing in my life is keeping a grateful journal 🙂 I keep a small notebook in my bag all the time and whenever I have 5 minutes during the day I jot down what I am grateful at that very moment. I don’t do that on a daily basis, I do that only when I really mean it.

Being grateful and recognising small things that I can be grateful for is really  rewarding in a way that I have slowed down and  I have started spending more time on looking around, being in the moment and recognising how blessed I am in so many different ways.

Apart from keeping a grateful journal I also have an ‘experience jar’ 🙂 in that jar I collect all the nice memories that I take part in during a year. I just write down a sentence or two of the thing I do so at the end of the year I can take a look back on the most important moments of that previous year 🙂





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